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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Butterfly Clips

On my mind...
I made some cute little butterfly clips for my granddaughter and though I would put some in my Etsy store.
They are so cute and go with any outfit.

She is only a few months old so the clips will hold a little bit of hair.

Oh I love girly stuff!

toodle loo~

polka dot pink

polka dot fuscia

glitter purple

purple sets

pink and white sets

white and pink sets

Monday, January 28, 2013

Polka Dot Tulle

On my mind...Christina's store

I love supporting and shopping at other Etsy crafter's shops.

I was looking for tulle for my new hair clips and found this great store with the most cutest polka dot tulle.

I bough several rolls and created these cute "Party Clips"

I should be posting them this week on my Etsy site.

stay tuned for more tulle crafts.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Decorated Bottles to Adore

I have made a few bottles after being inspired by all the posts I have seen.
I uses a round small sauce bottle for this Shabby Chic bottle. I uses a crochet triangle piece and wrapped it around, then i adhered an image. I embellished it with pears, ribbon and flowers.

This is the back where I wrapped the crochet piece around. 

This next bottle reminds me of a Jeanie bottle. 
I uses a round bottle from Walmart which costs 1$.
I covered it with layers of shiny pink organza and lace.

The last one was a recycled small square bottle which I covered with light pink Organza which was covered with sparkly glitter. 
I added rose petals on the bottle mouth and on the crystal stopper. 
It reminds me of a French perfume bottle.

I got these very large crystals from the ROSS store. I just love them!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Cream and Black; sexy chic

On my mind...
I just love black and cream together. It looks so rich and sexy. I am seeing a lot of this color combination and decided to make some special items to put on my Etsy Store.

 A black and Cream Clip

Large Tote Bag with Tulle ruffles

Tulle necklace

Cream and Black cuff

Brooch with cream and black

Small tote, so very cute!

double sided necklace

My inspiration.
What is your inspiration?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stamped Gardenia Flower Cloth Tutorial

On my mind... I make these flowers which I call gardenia because they look like them.
I decided to do a tutorial so you can see how I stamped the fabric and made a cool effect.
Sorry I did not edit my pics so they might be dark :(

stamp cut fabric strips for flower

Fold up and cut top half to make a rounded shape on the top (cut the whole top, I only cut hald in this picture

 Then gather the stamped and cut fabric

Now glue the fabric on a strip of cloth of circle of felt. Start in the center and go round and round
Aall done, arn't they purty! Try it out and make some different designs.
Have fun!
On my mind...
New Mini Shabby Chic bags!
I am so happy that I finally made some mini bags for my cell phone. When my daughter saw it she wanted one too. A customer on Etsy mentioned that she might like one so I started to make a few and have now placed them on Etsy. I tried to make one with a zipper but it was too hard due to the small size of the bag.
funny thing, when I was editing the pics a huge rain came down and right outside my window was a huge rainbow!
Take a look~

about 5 1/2 to 6 inches wide and 8-9 inches long

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Wallets

On my mind...
I wanted to make a wallet for myself and found several patterns in the Internet.
a cute one was
but I wanted to have a larger size which is about 4" x 6"
so I ended up making a few of my own.
Because I live in Hawaii, many of the crafts and fabric have an Asian style. I did make a few to represent that style.

                                           Musical fabric with a music charm
                                              shabby chic lace and roses
                                 all wallets open with a metal snap
                                            This one is more elegant with gold and antique blue satin fabric

                                I chose this one, pink, bling and roses!
 This one is so pretty with the gold leaves. the back has a large golden moon with gold   glitter fabric, very rich
                               This fabric is light pink/peach  with pretty roses and leaves, I added tiny pearl trim and lace which is topped off with the lovely rose
This silver/ Grey dragonfly has bling trim and cherry blossom pockets. very nice

all my wallets have 2 pockets and the top has a secret opening!