All Fairies Welcome!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Working on headbands and the multi-tasking craft world

I am working on some new headbands for little girls which are inspired by my little Tutu dresses I make.

I have found that blogging and crafts overall is very challenging and time consuming but also a whole new experience.
I hope to get the "hang" of the multi-tasking and grow while learning.
I hope you enjoy them ~Aloha and Take Care~

Monday, April 23, 2012

Re-energized by Mr. Sun

There is just something about the sunshine that makes me feel happy. It has been so rainy and cloudy for the past month or so but this weekend was so sunny that I got to sit in the sun and get re-energized. I hope everyone had a great week-end.  Beside sun bathing I made this little gold, cream and green shoulder sling tote. It looks like it is "sun kissed" ~he, he, he

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ruffle and Embellished Shoulder Bags

What a nice and quiet Easter. We finally had some sun in place of the rain.

I am slowly but surely updating my Etsy shop.
I have just added large ruffle totes and some ruffle and embellsied shoudler bags.
 just love them~

Check out my Etsy shop

Updating my Website

I am experimenting with technology and updating my blog. I am also adding new items to my Etsy store.
Hop by and take a peek
Happy Easter!

Ruffle totes

Bling Cuffs
                                              And small dainty pillows