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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creating Bling Centers

I loved the youtube post by Jennings44 on how to create pearl bling centers. (Shabby Chic Pearl Flower Tutorial) ~ sorry I don't know how to link the video yet :(
However when I tried it was very hard for me to cut the pearl strands into small strips and glue all the large pearls together. I found a short/ fast way to achieve similar results and I wanted to share it with you.

                                           First I cut large pearl strands into 5-6 pearl lengths.

                                   I then glue the ends together to create a pearl circle.

                         Next I cut strips of tiny pearls from their strands (about6-7 inches) and I hot glue one end to a space between the large pearls, facing the strip over the space going from front to back. I then loop/ thread the large pearl circle with the tiny peal strip. when I get to the end, I glue it to where I started.

Next I place a bingy pearl, flower or rhinestone.

I hope you try it out, it is easy and cute.

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