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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Decorated Bottles to Adore

I have made a few bottles after being inspired by all the posts I have seen.
I uses a round small sauce bottle for this Shabby Chic bottle. I uses a crochet triangle piece and wrapped it around, then i adhered an image. I embellished it with pears, ribbon and flowers.

This is the back where I wrapped the crochet piece around. 

This next bottle reminds me of a Jeanie bottle. 
I uses a round bottle from Walmart which costs 1$.
I covered it with layers of shiny pink organza and lace.

The last one was a recycled small square bottle which I covered with light pink Organza which was covered with sparkly glitter. 
I added rose petals on the bottle mouth and on the crystal stopper. 
It reminds me of a French perfume bottle.

I got these very large crystals from the ROSS store. I just love them!

Have a great weekend!

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